PJ400 Where to buy?

PJ400 is the leading model of low-speed juicers known for its high quality and reliability. This product has been reigning in your homes for many years. Its robust engine with a very high power of 400W and an effective mechanism enable smooth extraction of fruit, vegetables or herbs, maintaining all valuable ingredients.

The device is equipped with a plastic screw free from bisphenol A and a filter with small meshes. Additionally, you can buy a filter with large meshes to enable getting denser juices.

On the market, there are very similar devices manufactured by other brands, however, due to its reliability, customers most often use the PJ400 model.


EAN 5908277382186
Line Perfect
BPA FREE Only the screw
Filters (sieves) 1 piece: A - filter with small meshes - diluted juice
Tofu set NO
Power 400W
Rotational speed 80 [rpm]
Two directions of engine operation YES
Engine brush DC
Manufacturer warranty 24 months
Service Door-to-door
Silent operation YES
Overheat protection YES
Residue container capacity 1 liter
Juice container capacity 1 liter
Wide inlet opening NO
Weight 5.00 kg
Collective packaging 48.50 x 39.00 x 50.30 cm
Number of pieces in the collective packaging 2
Packaging 37.50 x 23.50 x 48.70 cm


The innovative system of free extraction (unknown in traditional juicers) enable delicate, precise, uniform, efficient and effective juicing, and the precious ingredients are fully maintained.

The device - as opposed to a juicer operates at low speed and is nearly silent. Easy operation and maintenance are also its advantages along with the possibility of non-stop operation, without interrupting to get rid of the residual fruit and vegetables. After use, it is enough to rinse the device with a small amount of water to remove any residual pulp.

The indisputable advantages of the Perfect Juicer device of which traditional juicers cannot boast:


The device is equipped with a plastic screw free from bisphenol A.


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