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Do you take care of the health of yours and your relatives? Do you want to take the full advantage of the gifts of the nature? Do you disapprove foods "enriched" with artificial ingredients? Are additives, preservatives, stabilizers and enhancers unknown to you?

Eldom offers a product that meets your expectations, and the traditional juicer can be put aside!


Take advantage of the wonderful perfect juicer to extract what is best from in the nature!

Perfect juicer by Eldom is an unusual device for the extraction of the whole nutritional value from vegetables and fruits, to the last drop, for the sake of health, taste and care. With this technology, the container is full of tasty, dense, full of enzymes, vitamins and minerals nutritious juice, and the residue is dry pulp.



Be the creator of the perfect juice for you and your family!

Perfect Juicer is a perfect, not only by its name, way to prepare fresh juices, all-natural and without preservatives. Scientific research worldwide confirms the fact that freshly extracted juices are sources of vitamins, enzymes, easily assimilable minerals, and many other valuable compounds. Fruit and vegetables are rich in antioxidants, having a beneficial effect on health. Juices prepared in the Perfect Juicer device are very tasty and contain large amounts of valuable substances.

More abundant and tastier! The vegetable, fruit and herb juices Perfect Juicer, due to its modern technology based on the crushing and squeezing, enables obtaining larger quantities of juices with intense flavor and aroma, without losing nutritional values, vitamins and enzymes.

The power of life-giving elements  - the innovative squeezing system used in the Perfect Juicer device results in a gentle, thorough, effective and efficient extraction. Fruit, vegetables and herb juices retain all the valuable ingredients and do not lose valuable vitamins. They become invaluable, nourishing and strengthening meals.

The juices that you prepare with our perfect juicer products are:

  • A source of potassium, responsible for blood pressure and the heart function.
  • Extremely rich in vitamin A, responsible for the appearance of the skin, development of the body and the eyes, as well as vitamin C which improves our immunity.
  • They provide much higher amounts of fiber than the juices obtained in conventional juicers, it removes toxic substances and prevents the development of atherosclerosis.
  • They are a common resource of valuable health plant compounds, called vitamins (polyphenolic compounds) which support the physiological functions of the body and are important in the prevention of many diseases, including cancer.



Eldom perfect juicer is a modern and healthy approach to the topic of squeezing fruit and vegetables.

Traditional juicers cut and grate products, they are not suitable for leafy vegetables and herbs, and the rapidly rotating blades increase the temperature of the resulting juice. The low-speed perfect juicer crushes fruit, vegetables and herbs, and then grates the pulp through a sieve.



With this process and the special wear-resistant mechanism of the juicer, all of the vital and valuable components remain in the resulting juice. The resulting juice is more dense and less clear, richer in enzymes, vitamins and minerals than that obtained by using conventional juicers. The small amount of foam indicates minimal air entrainment enabling longer shelf life, as compared with juices squeezed with traditional juicers.


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